Baby, I’ve Already Been In Love

Baby, I’ve already been in love
I’ve been overcome by its feeling of ecstasy
              ~ No need to taste again

I’ve already been a victim
To its murderous venom
Already felt so elevated
And fallen to the depths of despair
Have already screamed from pure passion
And howled from pure pain
Love is not a friend of mine
It’s a treacherous enemy
That steals a portion of my soul

Love has no place in my heart

Baby, let you love with innocence
Let you lose yourself in the façade of a man
Only to emerge like the phoenix

I don’t wish you pain
       But enlightenment

Know the abyss that is heartbreak
Emerge victorious

I have already endured love
My heart has no place for it

I live
I breathe
I continue

I will not love

Baby, I have already risen



© Jecenia Isis Figueroa

One comment

  1. […] But for today, while the pain still persists… “Baby, I’ve already been in love…No need to taste again.” […]


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