That is the Friend

Don’t let me shed a tear,

because it hurts you

Don’t let me sob in pain

because you heave with me too


Put your arms around me

because I’m shivering from the hurt

their blades have cut me deep

and I need your hands

to hold in the love

that wants to seep out


Tender touches, warm embraces

quickly turn into arms of support


Hold me tight – I’m still broken

others only love me when I’m whole


Don’t abandon me too

when the shrills want to come

when the gulps of tears

are mixed with guilt, grief,

and shame

for my past mistakes and pain

Let me cry into your chest

and pour out of me

all that I wanted to lash you with


Let me be covered by your arms,

so that the world cannot

ridicule my scars

and reopen the wounds you mended with time


To think friends lay in my laughter is a lie


Instead, to know the saltiness of my tears

my face when my heart screams

to see the lifeless mound that I collapse into

when joy has left my breath


Catch me

is my silent call

that you’ve already heard

And have


Your strength, I support

My weakness, you heal


That is the friend

whose arms I bear

when holding me whole,


And to him I will say, I Do.



© Jecenia Isis Figueroa

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